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* The slot is a guide that helps you roll the bead straight, so the hole runs 'straight' through the bead, and not at an angle, kind of like the earths axis is at a slight angle. If you choose to use a smaller mandrel in a bigger slot, it will have a bit more 'wiggle room', more attention is needed to keeping it level.

* Roll your beads gently. Using too much pressure pushing glass, instead of shapes it. CGBeadrollers are simply marvers that are not flat. If you roll a bead on a flat surface with too much pressure it will push the glass and you'll get a lopsided beads. Same thing with CGBeadrollers.

* Don't shape your glass when it is too hot, too much pressure on a too hot bead can push the glass where you don't want it to go and make it a chore to realign.

* The long and narrow paddles were designed for making more than one bead on a mandrel. Simply make a bead, then move up or down the mandrel to make the next bead.

* Beadrollers can be used as a half press, like you would use an optic mold.

* In general, beads are formed on the rim as the bead comes up and out of the cavity. This also allows you to visibly see what the glass is doing so you can compensate.

* To get nice ribbed beads, watch the glass as it comes up out of the cavity. You will be able to see the ribs form on the rim of the cavity.

* Footprints tend to spread out as you roll a bead, so make the footprint shorter than the cavity, this will assure a professional looking puckered end.

* Try using only part of the cavity. Finish one end of the bead, then move to the other end of the cavity to shape the second end.

* Cavities can be used as a measuring guide, to measure the same amount of glass. As an example, for two fish beads the same size.

* Unlike a flat marver, the curve surface of the cavities touching more raku frit on a bead,  makes color pop easier and more consistent.

* Cavities also make it easier to marver in surface decoration, like stringers and murrini.

* Try smashing your beads, starting with a well shaped base will produce a well shapped focal tab, etc.

* Ends can also be shaped on the side of the marver paddle instead of inside the cavity. Place the mandrel in the slot and the bead on the outside of the marver, marvering against the side of the marver paddle.