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-Do you have a favorite shape? choose that one.

-A "mixed cavity" is a good one started with if you don't know what shape you like to do the most, or if you want a variety of shapes about the same size.

-Is there one shape that you do a lot? ie. spacers for your jewelry. that roller will give you speed and your spacers consistency, so you can spend more time on your focals. or if you make a living off of making sets, speed + consistent beads = $$, time is money.

-Is there one shape that frustrates you the most? ie. I could never get the ridge to run around the middle of my bicones.

-Do you do a lot of large focals? try one of the large cavity rollers to get a quicker symmetrical base bead built up, so you can spend more time on decorating.

-Do you do tabs? one of the reasons I had the original chunky oval made years ago, was so I could get a symmetrical tab when I flattened the oval.

-Do you want a shape that is difficult to get with a flat marver? I've become really partial to the disc.

You just have to ask yourself the right question.