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It's almost here, just a few more hectic weeks of shopping and you'll be done.
Want to make it easier on your loved ones buying for you?
I have CGBeads Gift Certificates available for them, just send them the link.

One final sale of the year, to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year
Free domestic shipping until New Years Eve
Sale ends midnight Dec 31st (midnight)
CODE: MerryChristmas
$5 shipping for International orders
(The code won't discount the shipping, but please enter it and I will do a manual refund)

Just a small note, I'll be doing some website remolding in the coming month. My lampwork passion has always been production bead making. I can sit for hours and make the same bead over and over. For me, the joy of lampworking is more the process than the end product, the simple melting of the glass more than the shaping and manipulating. I've decided it's time to get back to doing just that, and will be adding 'spacer' beads to my website. For those of you that enjoy making sculptures and fancy beads, but not the tedious spacers, they will be up in January.

I'm originally from North Dakota and now live in Texas. Those of you that got snow this week are in my prayers, and on my hit list!!!! Ya, I remember the cold, but miss the snow. Fond memories of making a snowman, eating moms pfeffernusse cookies and a big mug of hot milk with Hershey's chocolate. And then there was that Mouse Trap game I got when I was around 7. I set it up and watched the Rube Goldberg magic for hours on those cold winter days. One of my fondest memories of snow is the year we got a huge storm. The snow was deep enough that we walked out of the house and 'up' to the street. I burrowed a tunnel in the drift on the front lawn and dug out a huge cavity for me and my Pomeranian puppy playmate. The streets were impassable by car for days, but my home town is 4 blocks by 4 blocks big, so it didn't really matter. (and you thought you lived in a small town). As a kid you don't mind the cold, but I really miss the snow. Merry Christmas to everyone, remember to make some memories this year, for you and the people around you.